10 Tips For A Summer Energy Savings Plan

The summer season doesn’t have to mean higher cooler costs. With an HVAC energy savings home energy savings plan in place, homeowners can reduce their monthly bill. Here are 10 easy tips that you can follow to make your home energy efficient this summer.

1) Change out the filter in the air conditioner in the beginning of the season. Check the filter monthly after that, and clean it when needed. A clean filter will help to ensure that the AC is running optimally.

2) Use window coverings to block out sunlight, which can overheat the interior of the home. Make sure to use curtains, blinds, and shades to reduce the natural light streaming into the home during the day. Choose light colored blinds and curtains so that you can enjoy natural light while still blocking out the heat.

3) Make sure that all windows and doors that lead to the outside are closed and sealed up tightly when the air conditioner is on. An open window will allow air to escape easily, and it can have your AC unit running nonstop for hours.

4) Insulate the attic and the walls to help keep cool air in and hot air out. Air can easily leak in through an attic that hasn’t been properly insulated. Cement wall blocks can also allow air to seep in, so they should be sprayed with a foam insulation.

5) Do a thorough check around the home to find sources of air leaks. Places to check include electrical outlets, windows, doors, and fireplaces.

6) When the AC is running, open up interior doors between rooms to allow cool air to flow. Also, close up the vents in rooms that aren’t being used.

7) Have air ducts inspected for leaks, and if any are found, have them repaired right away. Even a small hole or tear in a duct can result in higher heating and cooling bills.

8) Use fans to cool down. Ceiling fans are perfect for cooling off in a room, but be sure to shut them off upon leaving.

9) Make sure to set the thermostat on “Auto”, and not “On”. When the thermostat is set to “On”, it will run nonstop.

10) Schedule a tune up for your HVAC system to ensure that it is performing as efficiently as possible. A skilled and reputable technician will able to identify any potential problems with your unit, and you can make any necessary repairs to keep your costs down over the years.

Take advantage of summer energy savings by following these tips. Manage cooling costs by ensuring that your HVAC system is running optimally all season long. Call today to learn more about how an energy efficient HVAC system replacement will help you to save money.

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