3 tips on maintaining HVAC equipments

The term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems and it is very important for home owners to keep their HVAC equipment in excellent condition. This is done by maintaining the heating and cooling units in the home. Home owners should take the proper precautions to make sure that their units are functioning properly and efficiently to help save money as well as remain comfortable in the home. Below are three tips to maintaining your HVAC equipment.


The filters of your heating and cooling units should be inspected on a monthly basis. Dirty filters should be replaced with new ones at least every three months or so. You can clean a dirty filter somewhat, but fresh filters will ensure the air you breathe is fresh and clean as well as help the workability of your unit. Filter inspection is not only vital to air quality but also to the functionality of your unit.


It is important to have your heating and cooling unit cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning helps each component work properly so your unit can function. The coils should be disinfected every six months as well as cleaned of dust and dirt. It is important to keep this area clean of mold so the air stays clean as well as dirt to keep the air clean. The system should be turned off during cleaning to ensure safety. Home owners can clean the unit themselves or hire a professional to tackle the job.

Tune Up

Another important maintenance factor is a tune up. Your heating and cooling unit should be tuned up every six months to a year to ensure that each component is working properly and is in good condition. Chemicals needed for functioning such as refrigerant, should be checked and topped off as needed. This is important as a tune up can help find any imperfections or issues that your unit may have and then solve the issue quickly.  A professional technician can handle the tune up, or the home owner.

Overall, maintenance is very important. If you feel comfortable completing the tasks at hand, then make sure to carry out the steps needed to keep your units in good shape. Home owners may also choose to hire professionals to do the job. A local HVAC company will be able to provide you with a maintenance program so that you will have your units taken care of on a scheduled basis. You will be able to rest assured and stay stress free as you know that your units are functioning properly and working as they should. The extreme seasons will be a breeze as your units will be in check and ready for operation!


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