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Space Saving Ideas for Your Home

If your home doesn’t seem to have enough room to store things, you may need to rethink how you use your space. Even in tiny homes with no closets, there are several smart ways you can sneak in storage. Take a look at our list of handy space saving tips for your home.

Make Those False Drawers Useful

Those false drawers that are there to hide where real drawers aren’t possible can actually become pretty handy storage areas with a little creativity. Detach the fronts of these false drawers and attach small cubbies to hold all sorts of great things. In the kitchen you could store sponges, utensils, or small cleaning supplies; and, in the bathroom you could stash anything from cosmetics or soaps to small accessories.

Utilize Inside the Cupboard Doors

The insides of your kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors are also a great place to sneak in storage. Add small hooks and magnetic strips to the insides of these doors to hold small items that take up drawer space, such as measuring spoons and cups, ladles and spatulas, and so much more.

Embrace Even the Smallest of Spaces

When your home offers just a little space, it’s smart to take advantage of every single centimeter. Consider extra small roll-out shelving for areas in between the washer and dryer, next to the refrigerator, snug up next to toilet and any other areas you can find to incorporate a slim slide-out shelf. There are even cool couch arm tables that you can purchase for those who want a coffee table, but just don’t have the space!

Shower Curtain Storage Center

Many times, due to the average size of these rooms, the bathroom can be a tricky space to store things. If you’re super strapped for space, consider adding a pocketed shower curtain to your bathroom. These ingenious accessories can add storage space for common items like shampoo, soap, razors and more. Mind the weight limit on your curtain rod, though, so you don’t make your entire storage center collapse!

Under the Bed

This no longer has to be the space where you don’t want to shove all your stuff (think shortcuts to cleaning your room as a kid); instead, embrace the space and use it to your advantage. Purchase shallow and wide storage tubs, and use this area to store seasonal clothing, extra bedding, or anything else that makes sense. Do this for each bedroom in your home to really add a lot of storage space in an area where only dust typically collects.

Save Energy Too!

If you’re interesting in saving energy just as much as saving space, then check out our informative page on energy efficiency for your home. And, don’t forget to schedule a yearly maintenance check for your HVAC system which will prevent any serious damage to your system and ensure it runs efficiently all year long. We at Schmitt have been serving the Bay Area with exceptional service in residential and commercial HVAC solutions for over 100 years. We’d love to help you find the best way to save energy in your home. Call us today with any questions at 415-689-7849

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