At Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning, we have been in the HVAC business since 1876, but continue to offer the latest and most advanced heating and air conditioning service and products including smart technology and programmable thermostats.

NEST thermostat With the tagline “Programs itself. Then pays for itself.,” you know that when you are purchasing and installing a NEST smart thermostat in your home, you are getting the easiest to use and money-saving smart thermostat in the industry. In fact, the latest studies released by NEST show that the smart thermostat actually pays for itself in just the first two years after installation, in energy savings for an average home.

NEST is quite literally the easiest smart thermostat to program and use on the market today. The Nest system “learns” how you like to keep your home comfortable and recognizes your heating and cooling trends and preferences. Simply set this smart thermostat to the temperature you want to achieve at various times throughout the day, and the NEST system gets an idea of your varying comfort levels. With this information, the NEST can now automatically program the heating and cooling trends that you have set.

Do you simply turn off your heating and cooling systems while you are at work and then crank up the A/C or heat when you get home? The NEST will begin to shut off HVAC systems at the moment that you leave the house, and will not only return the home to a comfortable temperature, but will do so preemptively – getting the home at the correct temperature in anticipation of your arrival at home.

Access Your Home Thermostat from Anywhere

Did you forget to turn off your heating or cooling system before going on vacation or spending extended periods of time away from home? With a NEST smart thermostat installed by Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning, your home HVAC system settings can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world via a smart phone or tablet. This feature allows homeowners to always be in complete control of their homes heating and cooling systems.

Energy Savings and Lower Heating and Cooling Costs with the NEST Smart Thermostat

The NEST smart home thermostat touts that it saves homeowners up an average of 20% on monthly heating and cooling costs; what this means is that you can expect to see 20% lower energy bills in the months preceding your NEST smart thermostat installation. Not only do these savings help to lower average home heating and cooling costs, but at those rates of saving, the system completely pays for itself in just 2 years after installation.

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