We Offer Attractive Heating and Air Conditioning Rebates On Qualifying Purchases

Carrier Cool Cash 2019If you are looking for cost-effective ways of heating or air conditioning your home, then the rebates on qualifying purchases that we offer could be a lifeline. Our rebate deals make a new system affordable, meaning that you can plan to replace an outdated HVAC system with confidence. Our Spring and Fall rebates are particularly well worth looking out for. That old HVAC system could be costing you a pretty penny too. Recent studies initiated by the Energy and Environmental Protection Agency showed that ten-year or older systems are on average up to 20 percent less efficient than new ones. That is an awful lot of wasted cash, adding up over the course of a year.

With our rebates, you are likely to be able to afford a more energy-efficient HVAC system upgrade. In addition to the rebates and discounts that we offer, that decision to replace an outdated HVAC system could also make you eligible for grants from your state. If you undergo an advanced upgrade, and then are assessed for your energy usage, you might also qualify for additional Federal tax credits, which can be worth as much $500 a year. If all that sounds like a bit of hassle, then it is worth considering just how great the savings can be, in cash terms. You will be saving money when the new HVAC system is installed. You will also save more money due to the state and federal grants and allowances for which you could be eligible. And, most importantly of all, perhaps, you will continue to save significant amounts of cash on your domestic energy bills.

Money-Saving Rebates on Both Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Whether you need to stay cool and warm up, your home environment should be comfortable. It should also not cost you the earth to heat or cool your home. If you replace an outdated HVAC system, then not only will you be saving yourself cash, but the system will use energy much more efficiently. This helps to safeguard the future of the planet for your children and grandchildren, as well as making you feel good about the part you are playing in helping the environment.

Our regular Spring and Fall rebates are therefore well worth looking at, if you think that your HVAC system is creaking and coughing its way through the year. Contact us directly to find out just how we can meet your specific needs, and hopefully save you significant quantities of cash in the process. Get in touch with Schmitt Heating Co., Inc., at (415) 689-7849, and see the deals we can offer when you need to upgrade HVAC systems.