At Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer quality Residential HVAC services. From comprehensive maintenance plans to fast heating repair, you can count on our highly trained service technicians to provide the very best HVAC service in the industry.

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Repairs and Service Available

Air Conditioning Repair

No matter what brand of A/C you carry, our technicians have the experience and expert understanding to provide confident repair services. Repairs can be stressful. Whether it’s the dead of summer and you need your A/C running to stay cool, or you’re on a tight budget, there’s never a good time for your Air Conditioner to breakdown. This is why we offer fast and effective AC repair services for our Bay Area clients. We know how valuable your time is, which is why we always deliver professional, thorough, yet efficient repairs on all brands and styles of air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Service

Whether you think something may be wrong with your system, or you want to upgrade your unit, our technicians can handle all of your needs during a scheduled service call. Don’t wait until your system has a problem to know that it is running with the best integrity and energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

The best way to ensure that your system is running optimally and extends its lifespan is through regular maintenance. A comprehensive maintenance plan will cover you for all of your needs, but will also give you the best chance at spotting issues before they become costly repairs or system failures. Consider one of our maintenance plans to help prolong your system’s life and maximize energy savings.

Heating Repair

Any needed repair on a home’s heat pump or furnace can be completed with confidence by one of our expert heating technicians. Even in Northern California, the temps can seep down near freezing, so we know how important it is to provide quick and effective residential heating repair services for our clients. We always aim to get the job done quickly and correctly on the first try to avoid further issues down the line and potentially untimely breakdowns in the winter months.

Heating Maintenance

When you invest in a heating maintenance plan, you are investing in the longevity of your heating unit and your home’s energy efficiency. The peace of mind of a well-functioning furnace as well as the monthly energy savings from an efficiently running system will more than pay you back for the cost of our standard heating maintenance plans.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our specialty is residential air conditioning installation projects. From establishing the best system for your environment and size of home to properly wiring up your unit, nobody does it faster or better than Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning. The last thing you need after purchasing an expensive and important new system is for a less-than-perfect install job to prevent your system from operating efficiently. Call the experts at Schmitt Heating to ensure that your system is installed properly.

Furnace Installation

When doing an installation, we plan out the project ahead of time so that when our installation technicians show up to your home they can get right to work, giving you a fast and effective installation. We test each unit before we leave, because we take your family’s comfort and safety very seriously.

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Improvement

A quality furnace or air conditioner won’t be nearly as effective at keeping your home comfortable if you don’t have crisp clean air inside your home. Known to contain more pollutants and allergens than outdoor air, indoor air can get dirty quickly, without proper ventilation. High tech IAQ equipment can improve the humidity levels in your home and clear your air to improve your family’s health.

When it comes to a comfortable home environment, indoor air quality is certainly important. We are proud to offer the very best in HVAC services as well as indoor air quality testing to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Whether you are looking for a speedy installation, a routine checkup or a thorough inspection of your home and system, you can always rely on the friendly and capable experts at Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning. Call our local San Francisco office for any of your residential HVAC needs today!

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