How AC Maintenance Can Help Ward Off Spring Allergies

We’re all so excited for the spring weather and flowers to arrive in San Francisco, CA. But did you know that this change of season can also trigger allergies? That’s why it’s smart to maintain your air conditioning system before temperatures rise. It’s always better to be prepared and protected against allergens.

With proper maintenance practices for your HVAC system, you can lessen seasonal allergies and their symptoms. Continue reading as Schmitt shares how AC maintenance can help in this regard.

How Air Conditioners Impact Allergies

Springtime means that pollen and other allergens are back in the air. When this blooming pollen mixes with outdoor heating through heating and air conditioning systems in San Francisco, it can be pulled into your home in greater concentrations than outdoors. If you’re allergic to any of these particles — especially if you’re a resident along the San Francisco coastline — you can improve your indoor air quality by properly maintaining your HVAC system, getting quality air filters and cleaning up moldy areas.

Mold and mildew also impact allergies as they often accumulate around AC ducts, evaporator coils and condensate pans if neglected over time. Unlike pollen and other seasonal allergens, they tend to stick around throughout the year, especially during moist months (unless they’re cleaned out regularly).

Benefits of AC Maintenance

While spring brings warmer temperatures, it also means more airborne allergens. By performing regular maintenance checks on your air conditioner and regularly replacing air filters, you can minimize allergens and keep the air in your home free of unwanted agents.

Sanitizing your AC unit ensures it is free from contaminants like dust particles, pollen and pet dander. Better AC airflow can guarantee your unit will run efficiently. You can also enjoy a healthier, more comfortable San Francisco, CA, home.

It is good to be prepared against springtime allergies by giving your AC unit a basic maintenance checkup every few months to prevent allergens from affecting your indoor air quality. To ensure you’re keeping up with your air conditioning repair and maintenance, call Schmitt at (415) 522-0966 or contact us online for an inspection. Our professional technicians are highly skilled in conducting HVAC maintenance and heating system repair in San Francisco.

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