How Air Conditioning Plays a Role in Server Rooms

If you’ve ever used a computer before and happen to feel the side of a single CPU after hours of work, you know how quickly it can overheat. Multiply that by a few orders of magnitude and you can understand why high volumes of demand are causing servers to overheat. This overheating can lead to malfunction, equipment damage, and crashes. To avoid all these, proper air conditioning and ventilation is a crucial part of any decently sized server room.

Improving Office Productivity Through Indoor Air Quality

According to a 2015 study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and Syracuse University, poor indoor air quality is linked to poor productivity in the workplace.

A Typical AC Repair Kit

Taking good care of your air conditioning’s air filters is one of the easiest and most effective ways of maintaining your HVAC system. Among other benefits, your system will perform better and will last longer. Here’s a look at why you should prioritize air filter care.

5 Tips to Lower Your Cooling Bills This Season

Don’t let the rising temperatures increase your home’s energy bills! There’s no need to budget in extra costs for your cooling bills this season, just keep these simple ideas in mind when the weather heats up. By adopting a few new habits around your home, you can save energy and money while staying extra comfy this season. Before you crank up your AC and give into inevitably high energy bills, read on for a few great ways to save this season.    Lower Your Cooling Bills This Season If you’re interested in learning more about your home’s cooling system, how to make it more efficient, or are in need of a maintenance check on your AC, call us today: (415) 522-0966

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioning Service In San Francisco

Choosing the best air conditioning service in San Francisco can often seem very daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with how air conditioning actually works. Like many things in life, though, the process is made much easier by taking a little time to plan and prepare.

The first step anyone should take when looking for an air conditioning contractor in San Francisco is to do some research. Check local press and the internet for companies who are advertising their services. If the company has a website, see what they are prepared to tell customers. Look for testimonials, and see whether customers appear satisfied or not.

While an HVAC contractor is unlikely to put bad reviews on their own website, interested potential customers can usually find reviews and testimonials elsewhere on the web. Local community forums may have discussion pages about tradesmen, and it can be very useful to check them out to see what people are saying. Using social media can also be illuminating. 

A HVAC contractor might well have a page on Facebook or a Twitter account. If they do, see what kind of information they are sharing. If they pose pictures of the work that they have carried out, then that can give a good indication of what they are like. Interact with them, and see what response they offer. This is a good way of seeing if you would trust them in your home.

Another important way of assessing whether a residential heating and air conditioning contractor is good is to speak to friends and neighbours. At some stage, one of them will have had work carried out, and getting an unbiased view of the work that they did can be very useful indeed. Always check about how the pricing and billing was handled, to make sure that the tradesman is honest and above board. There also needs to be some sort of accountability and guarantees built into their service terms, and getting some personal testimony from people you trust is a good way of checking this.

Finally, once you have chosen two or three engineers who can potentially carry out the work, get them to provide quotes. How the company goes about carrying out a quote is often a good way to assess how much you would trust them in your home. Select the best quote for your personally, but always remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the all-round best option.

Choosing an air conditioning engineer is no different, fundamentally, from selecting any other type of tradesman. Careful research and a measure of planning will serve you well. Try and see what several different companies can offer, and then make an informed decision, based upon your personal needs and requirements.