4 Signs You Need a New HVAC System

If you have been living in your home for a long time, at some point you will have to ask yourself if it’s time to have your HVAC system replaced. When you notice one or more of the following signs, start making preparations for a new heating and air conditioning system.

  1. Persistent Noises – A smoothly operating HVAC system should emit a steady hum. Noises such as rattling, squealing, or thumping noises are caused by issues that can be addressed by a professional HVAC technician. However, if such noises happen too often even with prompt repairs and scheduled maintenance, you’ll need a new HVAC system soon.

  1. Higher Energy Bills – ENERGY STAR® estimates that almost half of an average household’s annual energy costs are spent on heating and cooling. Your home’s energy envelope plays a large part in making sure you have consistent indoor temperatures. Assuming that the energy envelope’s insulation is accounted for, your HVAC system might not be as efficient as it once was. Avoid increased energy costs by having your home audited for energy efficiency as well as replacing your inefficient HVAC systems.

  1. It Takes Longer to Cool or Heat the Room – If it takes too long for the HVAC system too long to get to your ideal room temperature, it may not be working as efficiently as it did when it was new. Before you decide on buying a new HVAC system, account for other factors, such as leaky windows, open doors, direct sunlight on clear glass, or even defective attic insulation.

  1. Your HVAC System Is Too Old – Typical HVAC systems have an expected lifespan of about 10 to 15 years and even longer with proper maintenance. Beyond that, your HVAC system may start exhibiting signs of age, such as frequent noises and unexpected shutdowns. In addition to the cost of frequent repairs, replacement components for obsolete units may be difficult to source. A new HVAC system can actually cost you less in the long run.

For New HVAC Systems, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning Is Here for You

If all signs point to buying a new HVAC system, consider upgrading to a smart HVAC system. Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning offers smart systems from Carrier®. Call us today at (415) 522-0966 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve San Francisco and the nearby areas.