Signs Your Thermostat Needs Repair


If you think you have a problematic HVAC unit and you’ve eliminated your HVAC system as the culprit, your thermostat may be the issue. Your thermostat is responsible for communicating the temperature you want as well as the temperature of the room to your air conditioning system. If the former malfunctions, then your whole system can malfunction or do things you don’t want it to.


Here are the signs that your thermostat has problems and needs repair:

Your HVAC System Keeps Turning On and Off

When your thermostat thinks that the temperature you require and that of the room are the same, it turns the whole system off. If this keeps happening, then your thermostat may have serious problems and needs to be professionally  looked at.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

This type of problem isn’t noticeable, especially if the discrepancy is only a few degrees. With regular maintenance, including using room thermometers and other devices, it can help you check if everything is working correctly. Make sure you’ve placed the thermostat in the correct place. Keep it away from windows, doorways or heated parts of the home.

Power Problems

Your thermostat operates using a different power source. It could be from installed batteries or from a separate electric line. Simple power problems can be solved by changing batteries, but if this requires you to open it up, it’s better to call a professional. There’s a big chance you can damage the device if you aren’t familiar with how they work.

Thermostat Mismatch

Unless a professional installed the device, you may be using the wrong model. Depending on your home and your heating needs, you could need a different model. If your thermostat doesn’t seem to be able to control the system well, you should ask for a replacement.

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