Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Thermostat

If you’re running a business or managing a facility, you need a comfortable environment, not only for your employees and customers, but also for your products and equipment. For your HVAC systems to ensure consistent performance and efficiency, you have to choose a thermostat that will work in such a setting. Trusted HVAC repair contractor Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning shares some things to consider here.


Commercial Thermostat


Zoning requirements. Your business or facility may have varied temperature requirements on every floor or in each room. In other words, the comfort requirements in areas where customers and employees are situated will be different from those of, say, server rooms or product storage areas. Taking advantage of a zoning system allows you to separate your office, retail establishment or other business location into separate areas that receive heating and cooling separately from adjacent or surrounding zones.


Remote operation. A smart thermostat may be a desirable choice depending on the nature of your business. It can “learn” your schedule and preferences and anticipate your comfort needs using artificial intelligence. It has sensors to actively monitor your building’s operation and make adjustments accordingly. Smart thermostats may be a more high-end choice, but according to heating and AC repair pros, they can provide better energy savings over time.


Programming needs. Thermostats used for commercial spaces come with basic programming features. However, you must determine which ones your business needs before picking one for your space. Running a restaurant or similar business, for instance, requires the best temperatures to accommodate the presence of a high number of people during the busiest times of the day.


For help choosing the best thermostat for your business or facility, turn to Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning. Count on us for your commercial heating repair and AC replacement needs. Call us today at (415) 522-0966 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment. We serve businesses in San Francisco and the surrounding communities.

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