Hot Water Circulator Pumps: Important Things You Should Know

If you always find yourself having to wait too long in the morning for hot water before you can run a bath or take a shower, you should consider getting a hot water circulator pump. It can help you get the most out of your existing water heating system, as well as help you save on your water and energy costs. Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning lists some of the important things you should know about it.

Hot Water Circulator Pumps: Important Things You Should Know

How It Works

A hot water recirculation system is installed into the hot water line connected to the hot water tank. What happens is it creates a continuous water pressure that circulates hot water in this line. A sensor at the farthest point of the loop is triggered if the circulating water gets too cool, so a valve is opened that lets fresh hot water into the circulating water until the ideal temperature is reached. This results in virtually zero wait time for hot water, perfect if everyone at home has to fight for who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning.

Types of Circulator Pumps

There are several types of circulator pumps depending on the water heater that you have. Traditional water circulation systems feature separate cold and hot water lines, while others have a third line that works as a dedicated “return” line for previously warm water. The latter is ideal for large homes, as the water tends to lose some heat when it travels through the pipes. A third kind can be installed on tankless heaters, but aren’t as popular since tankless heaters don’t take as much time to heat water anyway.

Features and Benefits

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of a hot water circulator pump is the convenience of not having to wait for a long time before you get running hot water. It’s more than just convenient, but it also helps you save on your water consumption. The water spent while waiting for hot water to run can add up. Certain water circulator pumps can even be programmed so that hot water will only circulate at certain times, which can help you save on your energy bills.

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