How to Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Hot and cold spots in your home can range from annoying to downright uncomfortable. They may even place additional strain on your heating and air conditioning system, which can increase energy consumption. In this blog, HVAC contractor Schmitt takes a look at how to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home.


Improve Airflow

The most common cause of hot and cold spots is insufficient airflow. This means conditioned air isn’t reaching all areas of your home as it should. This is usually caused by poor ductwork design or improperly-sized ducts and registers. It may also be caused by clogged returns or filters or leaking air ducts. Having these problems addressed by an HVAC professional will allow the air to properly circulate again, which can help eliminate hot and cold spots.

If you have ceiling or standalone fans, use them. Ceiling fans in particular are especially effective at distributing air from the heating vents, as warm air tends to rise up to the ceiling. Proper airflow also enables conditioned air to be distributed evenly and helps reduce the required output from your HVAC system.

Address Air Leaks

When you feel drafts around the windows, this means there’s an air leak near the same spot. First check the windows and make sure they’re closed properly. If the sashes don’t seem to be sitting flush against the frame, you’ll either need to adjust the hardware, install new weatherstripping or have the windows inspected and repaired by a window contractor.

Professional HVAC Inspection

If hot and cold spots still persist, make an appointment with an HVAC installation specialist for a full maintenance inspection. During such an inspection, your home’s existing ductwork will be inspected for possible leaks and insulation issues. Your heating and cooling systems will be tested for efficiency and may even be cleaned. Air filters will also be checked to make sure they’re not clogged. If this is the case, they’ll need to be cleaned or replaced.

Keeping up with a scheduled maintenance routine, combined with well-maintained home insulation, can help prevent hot and cold spots from forming, especially during seasons with extreme temperatures.

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