How to Maximize Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an essential appliance in many households today. These devices are designed to improve indoor air quality so you can breathe clean air inside your home and avoid the onset of allergy symptoms or reactions to airborne pollutants. Unfortunately, air purifiers can use up a lot of energy when they run all day every day.

Maximize Your Air Purifier

In this post, reputable cooling and heating expert Schmitt shares some tips on maximizing the benefits of your air purifier while avoiding wasted electricity.

Use your air purifier at appropriate times. The quality of air inside your home is always changing. That’s why air purification needs to be a continuous process, thus the need to switch on the device 24/7. However, keep in mind that you can turn it off when you’re not inside the house. Ensure the right placement for your air purifier. As a general rule, air purifiers should be placed in areas where there’s enough space around the device that it can receive an unobstructed flow of fresh air. Your air purifier should also be placed where you work or sleep so that you can maximize its benefits. To be sure that you’ve picked the right location for your air purifier, you might want to consult an HVAC service provider. Close the windows and doors. Make sure to close all windows and doors when your air purifier is switched on. If you have an open window, the purified air will just escape through it. That said, air purifiers work best in confined spaces. Of course, you can open your windows and doors during the day to maintain proper ventilation and bring in fresh air. However, make sure to close them again before using your air purifier. Replace the filters when it’s time. The filters in air purifiers are crucial for keeping dust and other contaminants at bay. Over time, these filters will become coated with dirt and dust. You have to replace them at the designated time in order to maintain the efficiency of your air purifier. Check the guidelines for your air purifier’s filter replacement so you’ll know how often you need to change the filters.

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