4 Must-Have Accessories to Improve HVAC Performance

Many add-ons and accessories are designed to improve the performance of your heating and air conditioning system. These devices also aid in conserving energy, saving money and improving overall indoor comfort. In this article, a heating repair contractor lists some of the most popular accessories to add to your HVAC system.


HVAC accessories


Smart thermostats. With a high-quality programmable or smart thermostat, your family can stay comfortable for long periods of time without spending too much energy. Some units can connect to motion sensors to learn your day-to-day routines over time, while others can be set to different temperatures in various areas of the house to accommodate the preferences of the occupants.

Air purifiers. While the air filter of your HVAC system can trap dust, dirt and allergens, you’ll need an air purifier with a high-efficiency filter to catch other contaminants in the air. You can have a whole-house air filter installed by an HVAC repair and installation company or use a portable model in one or two rooms at a time.

UV air cleaners. A UV air cleaner utilizes ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms or prevent them from reproducing. It can also minimize asthma attacks and allergy symptoms from pest droppings. You can install a coil sterilization light inside your heater or AC’s air handler. 

Dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier will help prevent biological growth, stop heat-related damage to your walls, ceilings and furniture, and keep your HVAC system in good working order. This will make your living space safer and more comfortable year-round. Install a whole-house model in your ductwork or purchase a portable version for convenient use.


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