Important Things You Need to Know About HVAC Quotes

If you’re seeking to hire a new HVAC service contractor, you’ll inevitably compare multiple quotes before making your choice. In today’s post, local HVAC company Schmitt helps you with your decision-making by sharing this list of things you need to know about HVAC quotes.

Quotes, Bids and Estimates Aren’t Interchangeable

Most people tend to use the terms “quotes,” “bids” and “estimates” interchangeably in conversation, but there are distinct differences. A quote and an estimate both reflect the project’s approximate cost, which means the final project cost may be higher or lower depending on several factors. However, a quote becomes the contract once it’s signed, while an estimate does not. A bid, on the other hand, reflects the final project cost. Like a quote, a bid becomes the contract when signed.

A Quote Can Be Revised Before You Sign It

It’s not unusual for a client to change their mind and want to revise their quote. Maybe they’ve decided to get a different type of heating or air conditioning system, or maybe the HVAC technician presented several options and the client wants to find out how much the others will cost. A quote isn’t binding until signed, so you should take the time to choose the quote that works best for you. A good HVAC contractor should have no problems revising the quote and should give you enough time to review the documents before signing.

Warranty Documentation Should Be Available

HVAC warranties vary between manufacturers. When HVAC systems seem to have the same specifications, the one with the best warranty coverage often wins the client over. Your HVAC contractor should be able to provide warranty documentation between brands and explain the differences between warranties. Reputable HVAC brands typically come at a higher price, but may include upgrades or extensions. Also, ask the contractor about their labor and workmanship guarantees, which can be available regardless of the brand you choose.

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