Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

With warm temperatures fast approaching, many homeowners are discovering that their central air conditioners are in need of repair. The first indication of a problem is often when the temperatures are swelling and the house is sweltering. By following a few tips, you can figure out the source of the problem and take steps to fix it.

Checking Your Systems

The first step is to find out if the air conditioning unit is broken or simply in need of a Freon charge. Turn your thermostat down to 65 degrees and go outside to the exterior unit. If the fan is not circulating on the exterior unit, this can indicate a problem with the motor. If the fan is circulating, the next step is to check the interior thermostat.

When you re-enter the home, take note of the temperature in the house before checking thermostat. Is it cooler than the temperature outside? If so check to see if the temperature setting on the thermostat is consistent with the temperature. If the thermostat is reading 80 degrees but it feels cool in the house, the problem is likely a broken thermostat. This is an easy fix for any heating and cooling technician.

Once you have determined that the problem is not with the thermostat or the motor, check for the air coming from the vents. If the air feels warm, it may be that your central air conditioner needs charged. In many cases, air conditioners simply run out of Freon. Getting your Freon charged is an easy fix and is usually included as part of regular maintenance. Your heating and cooling technician can come out and charge up your home and have your air conditioning unit functioning in just minutes.

Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Maintained

It is important to keep your central air conditioner maintained on an annual basis. This will keep it running at its peak, allowing you to enjoy the most benefit from your system. In many cases, winter weather can cause your external unit to take a beating. The unit can become clogged with debris, leaves and ice, making it work less efficiently. During your regular maintenance, your technician will check out these components and make sure they are working properly.

Choosing the Best Time of Year for Maintenance

Most people only call for maintenance on their air conditioning system when there is a problem. Unfortunately, this means that technicians are often overloaded with calls during the hottest days of the year, making it difficult for you to get quick service. The best time to set up your maintenance appointment is before problems start.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment around mid-March, after the worst of winter is over but before the temps start climbing. Of course, this time frame will vary based on your geographic location. Homeowners in the Midwest and Northeast will find that April and May are the best times to schedule maintenance while West Coast residents may need service as early as February.

Keeping your air conditioning unit maintained is key to enjoying your home. Make your maintenance appointment today.

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