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5 Ways to Get Your San Francisco Home Ready for Cooler Weather

As the temperatures start to drop in San Francisco, the changes in the weather can really do a number on your home. In order to minimize damage and maximize comfort this winter season, it’s important that you work to get your home ready for the colder weather. Read on to find out which home improvement tasks are a must for San Francisco homeowners this fall.

Pre-Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

There are a few things that you’ll need to do to make sure that your home is ready for winter. Use the checklist below as a guide for your pre-winter home maintenance:

  1. Get your fireplace ready.

If you live in a home with a fireplace, you’ll want to get the system inspected by a licensed heating contractor before you start using it this winter. Fireplaces that are well-maintained and properly serviced tend to use fuel more efficiently, have fewer issues, and last longer than those that aren’t. Be good to your fireplace, and it will keep you warm all winter.

  1. Reverse your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans aren’t just for use in the summer. Just as they push cooler air around the room, they can also help you keep your home warm by pushing warm air from the ceiling to the rest of the room. Make sure that you change the direction of your ceiling fans so that they are spinning clockwise.

  1. Clean the gutters.

When the leaves start to fall, it’s the perfect time to inspect, clean, and repair your gutters. Your gutters help keep debris and water from building up on your roof, which helps protect your home’s foundation and prevent roof damage. Make sure that your gutters are clear of leaves and debris, and then flush them with water. Once that’s done, inspect your gutters for any damage and replace them as necessary.

  1. Prepare your deck.

Before winter arrives, you’ll want to clean and inspect your deck and furniture for any repair needs. Then, make sure that your furniture, tools, grills, and other items are covered or stored in a protected area. This will help protect these items from any damage brought on by winter weather or storms.

  1. Test your heating system.

When is the last time that you used your heater? If it’s been awhile, you’ll want to give it a quick test before winter arrives. Turn on your heating system and wait for the heat to start up. If you notice that the furnace is not heating your home, you start to hear loud noises, or you notice a burning smell that just won’t dissipate, it’s time to call Schmitt Heating to get your heating system checked before you start using it this winter.

San Francisco Heater Maintenance

Is your heating system ready for the colder months ahead? Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to help you get your home winter-ready with an expert heating system tune-up. During our pre-winter HVAC maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will clean and inspect your furnace or central heating system to make sure it is working smoothly and efficiently for the winter season.

To schedule a fall HVAC maintenance visit, call us today: (415) 522-0966.

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