Why Does HVAC Sizing Matter?

Your air conditioning and heating system is a major part of your home or business. No matter what you use it for, it makes up a major part of your home expense in both the construction phase and the maintenance phase. Getting the specifications right is extremely important; otherwise, you may waste a lot of money on something that may not make you comfortable at all.


Sizing your unit, your ducts, and the dampers, if you’re going for zoned heating and cooling, is important if you want a system to work efficiently. Here’s an overview:

Too Big

Your ducts or your unit could be too big, and this could pose some serious problems to your home and to your energy bills. If you think a system that is too big exerts less effort to cool your home, you are mistaken. You may notice that it takes a while for your room or home to cool with any HVAC system. A large central unit that is too big may reach that temperature before eliminating the humidity in the room.

What happens to you when this problem kicks in? The temperature never reaches your desired setting and you still feel humid and sticky despite the cooler air.

Too Small

On the other end of the spectrum, a unit that’s too small is a complete waste of money and energy. No matter how hard the air conditioner works, the room’s temperature will never reach the desired setting simply because it’s not powerful enough.

From the air conditioning installation stage, your system will eat up the maximum energy it can without delivering results.

The Right Size, the Right Way: Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning

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