Why Improved HVAC Airflow Allows for Greater Efficiency

Given how the operation of your HVAC system comprises a significant portion of your annual energy costs, it pays to take measures to ensure your system can continue providing good energy performance. One of these measures includes making sure conditioned air is being distributed properly throughout your home. But how exactly does proper HVAC airflow translate to greater energy efficiency? The trusted heating repair company in the area, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning, explains more here.

Understanding HVAC Airflow

Air tries to achieve a balance between high and low air pressure areas as it moves and flows. When there are gaps or pressure differences, air will move through that path regardless of intent. That’s why barriers are put up–in this case, the ductwork in HVAC systems–to control the path of airflow. When there’s a leak, however, this produces negative air pressure that allows air to flow where it’s not intended to go. Instead of being distributed evenly throughout your home, air then accumulates behind walls, under floors and in crawl spaces. This leads to:

  • Cold or hot spots in some areas of your home
  • Poor, inconsistent indoor temperatures
  • Extra strain put on the HVAC system
  • Significant energy loss

To keep your home thermally comfortable while keeping energy costs to a minimum, make sure to turn to a reliable AC repair company, like Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning, for the necessary solution to poor HVAC airflow.

Superior HVAC Repair & Maintenance Services

Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning has been a fixture in the San Francisco HVAC industry since 1901. We’ve always been committed to complete client satisfaction, which we achieve through high-quality products and exceptional workmanship backed by over a century of experience. Our trained, professional HVAC technicians can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system, diagnose the cause of its poor airflow and recommend the necessary solution to fix it.

We can, for example, seal any leaks in your ductwork so that conditioned air goes where it should. If there are any blockages in the system, we’ll deal with those, as well. In this way, you prevent energy waste and maintain great HVAC performance at the same time.

From professional HVAC repairs to quality system maintenance, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning definitely delivers. We’ll keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently no matter the season. We proudly serve the areas in and around San Francisco, CA. Call us today at (415) 522-0966 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.