What Is Making Your Home Difficult to Heat?

Sometimes, the reason for inconsistent heating performance from your HVAC system goes beyond inefficient windows and doors. So what exactly is making your home difficult to heat and causing your HVAC system to work overtime? Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning, a trusted air conditioning company in the area, discusses some of the possibilities here:


Home Difficult to Heat


  • Top plates. If you’ve already confirmed that the seals on your windows and doors are intact, but you still feel that there’s not enough heat inside your home, a likely reason for this is air leakage at the top plates (the spot where the attic floor and wall frames connect). These areas are typically hollow and uninsulated, which may result in the flow of unwanted air into the attic. 



  • Attic hatch. Speaking of the attic, its hatch–which serves as an entryway to the space above–can also be a heating problem area. Without proper sealing and insulation, the hatch will allow valuable heating energy to escape into the attic and create cold spots in your home’s interior. 


  • Crawlspace. Another problem area would be the crawlspace. It’s like a huge box of cold air that makes the rooms and floors above it become close to freezing in the winter. If your ductwork has a leak, it’s also possible that heat will end up in the crawlspace instead of being distributed evenly throughout your house. To prevent significant heat loss, you’ll need to call an HVAC service specialist like Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning to repair and seal your ducts.


  • Roof slopes. The primary function of your roofing system is to stave off inclement weather–not to serve as a barrier between the air inside and outside your home. That’s why your roof should have sufficient insulation. Without it, it’s easy for heating energy to rise up to the attic and escape outside. 


To ensure your HVAC system can provide the reliable, efficient heating performance you need, you’ll need to first mitigate the common source of air leakage in your home and work with a professional who can implement these solutions.


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