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The Latest Advancements in HVAC Home Comfort

Every industry undergoes changes from time to time. As new technologies are discovered and developed, it takes time for those new technologies to hit the mainstream and be accepted for everyday use as the new industry-standard. In the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), there are a number of technologies on the horizon that will begin to change the way that home owner’s heat and cool their homes.

Latest HVAC Advancements for 2016-2017

Here are some of the latest HVAC technologies that have already hit the market or will soon be showing up in homes across the country in no time:

Smart Thermostats

Though this is by no means a brand new technology, smart thermostats continue to improve, offering even more features that are not only convenient for homeowners but help them save money. For those not familiar with this technology, smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature and other aspects of your indoor air quality remotely from the convenience of your smart phone.

This Wi-Fi enabled thermostat helps homeowners cut down on energy waste by allowing them to control their HVAC system from wherever they may be. For instance, if you leave the AC on full blast when you left the house, you can adjust it to a more moderate temperature to save energy while you are away.

Smart Ventilation

Smart ventilation is another powerful technology that makes it easier for you to make your home environment more comfortable while also helping you reduce energy usage and cut cooling and heating costs. Smart ventilation uses sensors that allow you to monitor and control airflow in each room in your house.

You can save energy by reducing air flow to rooms that are often empty. You can also increase comfort levels by adjusting air flow to each room in line with the family member’s preference. For instance, if you like to feel the cool air directly on you, you might increase airflow to your room, while decreasing airflow to the room of a family member who easily gets cold. The best part is that all of this can be done from the convenience of your smartphone.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Variable refrigerant flow is also not a brand new technology. However, when connecting this technology to your home automation system, it has the potential to transform the way that home owners maintain a comfortable indoor environment year-round. Variable refrigerant flow gives you greater control over the temperature inside your home and allows you to adjust different rooms to different temperatures.

Everyone has different ideas of what temperature is optimal and which environment makes them most comfortable. This technology allows you to increase comfort for everyone by adjusting temperature to their liking. Combine this with the smart ventilation system, and you will be making your home more comfortable and saving energy in no time.

Some of these technologies are already being utilized in homes across the country, while others are not far behind. If you are interested in what HVAC upgrades might be available to you, contact us today.


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