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Common HVAC Maintenance Myths You Should Be Aware Of

As a homeowner, you want your HVAC system to be in peak condition whenever you use it. For that to be possible, you’ll need to ensure that your unit is maintained by a trusted HVAC repair technician. You may have heard some things about HVAC systems that aren’t necessarily true, such as “bigger is always better” and “routine maintenance isn’t necessary”. These are just myths, and Schmitt is here to debunk them.HVAC Maintenance

Myth: A Bigger HVAC System Means Better Efficiency

Truth: It’s extremely important to choose the unit that’s the right size for your home. However, selecting an HVAC unit isn’t as simple as buying the biggest one available for your home. Choosing a larger system doesn’t mean it can heat or cool a space more efficiently; it will more likely start and stop too often in an effort to maintain a consistent temperature, which can affect its lifespan in the long run.

Purchasing an HVAC unit that’s too big for your home will also make it difficult to control the humidity. Instead of going for the biggest unit available, consult with your trusted HVAC technician to find a unit that’s the correct size and will provide the best performance for your home and install it properly.

Myth: Routine Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

Truth: You’ll need to have your HVAC system inspected by a professional air conditioning and heating repair technician at least once a year. Doing this on your own or even neglecting proper maintenance isn’t recommended, else you’ll void your HVAC system’s warranty. With a professional tune-up, you’ll reduce the risk of potential issues that would be very expensive to repair if not addressed properly.

Myth: You Don’t Need to Change the Filters Regularly 

Truth: A dirty filter will clog your entire HVAC system, reducing airflow and quality. This will also force your unit to work harder than it should, which shortens its lifespan. Make sure to change your filter every few months, though it may be necessary to do so more frequently depending on how you operate your system.

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If you’re planning to replace your split HVAC system, many heating and air conditioning replacement technicians recommend having your replacement “properly matched”. You may have heard this before, but having a matched system is important, especially if you want it to be worth your investment. Our team at Schmitt talks more about this below.

The Inefficiencies of a Mismatched System

Choosing to replace only half of your system can lead to more costly repairs down the road due to premature failure caused by the added stress put on the mismatched components. Having a mismatched HVAC system also isn’t recommended because it won’t run as efficiently as a matched system would. This results in unnecessary energy consumption and higher utility bills.

If you decide to switch to a matched system later on, it can be expensive to undo any damage caused by the mismatched system. Certain issues can only be fixed if you replace the entire system altogether.

A Matched System Works Better Together

If you purchase a newer outdoor unit while keeping your old indoor unit intact, this can lead to inefficient operation, which can then result in hot and cold spots around your house, less-than-satisfactory air quality and even noisy startups. There will be a noticeable level of improvement in efficiency, but the amount of money you’re saving in energy costs won’t be as significant as when you install a matched heating and cooling system.

There’s a good reason why some HVAC systems are deemed to be “properly matched”. The two halves of your split HVAC system consist of an indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor and condenser unit. They’re designed to work as a team to ensure maximum efficiency without sacrificing your home’s indoor air quality and comfort.

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