Why Your Home Needs a Whole-Home Purifier

Air purifiers are highly effective at eliminating indoor pollutants. If you’re planning to get one before winter starts, you should go for a unit that’s suitable for your lifestyle. Some units offer convenience and portability, as these can be placed on just about any spot in your home that needs clean air. But while they don’t need to be installed in your HVAC system, they won’t cover a big area. If that’s what you need, then consider installing an in-duct or whole-home system instead! Local cooling and heating repair contractor Schmitt explains what you need to know.

Whole-Home Purifier

How Portable and Whole-Home Air Purifiers Work

A portable air purifier is designed and built to filter the air in one room or zone in your home. Setting one up is as simple as plugging it in and placing it in a strategic part of a room where it can effectively clean the air within the space. It’s often more affordable than a whole-home air purifier, but they’re not designed to cover an entire home. You’ll need to move it to other parts of your home to filter the air,  which can be tedious if done routinely.

You may consider several portable air purifiers for each room, but they can take up living space and won’t be as cost-effective as investing in a whole-home system. A whole-home air purifier, meanwhile, is installed by an HVAC repair and replacement technician directly into the air duct path of your central ventilation system. Depending on the system, they’ll place it before or after the air handler of the central HVAC unit.

Why You Should Get a Whole-Home Purifier

Unlike portable air purifiers, in-duct or whole-home systems are much more effective in regulating your home’s indoor air quality. The Performance Series Air Purifier from Carrier®, for instance, can filter air efficiently and kill invisible bacteria and other pollutants that may affect your family’s health. Compared to other models, it runs more quietly and fits narrow spaces in your ventilation system!

Whether need of AC repair or indoor air quality services, you can count on Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning to get the job done efficiently. Reach us today by calling (415) 522-0966 or filling out our contact form to request a service appointment! We serve residents of San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area.

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