How to Make the Most of Your Ductless Mini-Split System This Winter

A ductless mini-split heat pump is an efficient, affordable alternative to standard central air conditioning. Getting the most out of your system, however, requires that you take the appropriate steps to keep it in tip-top condition. A trusted HVAC service provider shares a few essential tips below.


Ductless Mini-Split



  • Know how to set the temperature. On a mini-split system, the thermostat sensors aren’t located where a traditional thermostat is. Instead, they’re found near the ceiling, where the air is naturally warmer. With sensors positioned near the ceiling, you’ll find the room will feel rather cold if you set it at 70 degrees. If you want to achieve the comfort you desire, try setting the thermostat at 71 or 72 degrees.

  • Keep the air filter clean. The filters in a ductless mini-split system are smaller than those in a conventional unit. This means they’ll fill with dirt, dust and other debris more swiftly. The good thing is that you can use filters that can be removed, cleaned and put back in the system. Heating experts generally recommend cleaning your filter every two weeks. If you have pets running around your house, you’ll probably need to clean your filter more frequently.

  • Clean the coil. Don’t forget to clean the coil when you replace your air filter. Make sure the coil has cooled down to room temperature before touching it to avoid getting burned. To clean the coil, simply wipe away the accumulated dirt and grime using a dry cloth, or use a manufacturer-approved coil cleaner for more effective results.

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