Common Problems Anyone With a Heater Should Know About

When you own a heater, you should know when something’s wrong and how you may be able to fix it. Before you call a professional, it’s good for you to know what the problem is so you can better describe to your technician the problem before they repair it.

Here are some of the common problems your heating system may face.

  1. Heater Is Blowing Out Cold Air

This is one of the most common problems that any heating system would have. Usually, the cause is a wrong temperature setting. If you’ve found that it’s the right temperature reading, then you may have  leaking ducts, dirty air filters, or insufficient fuel.

  1. Heater Light Does Not Stay On or Turns On

The sensors may have problems. This doesn’t mean that your whole heater has a problem—it’s just the indicator.

  1. Heater Won’t Shut Off

Most of the time, users may just have forgotten to put the controls to “auto” instead of “on.” If changing it back to “auto” still doesn’t help, the thermostat may be broken or miswired.

  1. Certain Parts of the House Are Not Warming Up

When heating affects your house unevenly, this could be a problem with the ducts or the air filters. They could have been installed incorrectly or are simply too dirty.

  1. Fan Doesn’t Work

This is usually the fault of circuit breakers, thermostat or the air filters. Heating system repair technicians can take a look at your system better than you can.

  1. Heater Smells Like Something Is Burning

This is no doubt the most alarming problem. Turn it off, unplug immediately and call a technician to take a look. Do not attempt to find the problem.

  1. Mold In Your Furnace

Mold means moisture is leaking, and that means the ductwork hasn’t been installed correctly.

Don’t Risk The Repairs Yourself

While you may be able to do some repairs yourself, you may void your warranty on your system or make the problem worse. Schedule an appointment or repair with Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning with a call at (415) 522-0966. Mention that you’re in the San Francisco area so someone can get to you sooner and fix your heating unit problems.