Energy Audits and Heating and Air Conditioning

The ENERGY STAR® program declares that 50% of the average American home’s energy consumption is devoted to heating and air conditioning. The problem with this is that if you happen to use an inefficient HVAC system, you’re bound to waste a lot more energy and end up paying for it in the end with frequent repairs and ballooning energy bills.

To maximize your household’s energy consumption, try to perform an energy audit. It will help you determine where in your house you’re losing the most energy so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Today, we’re going to explain what an energy audit is and when you should perform one.

Energy Audit Defined

An energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is a room-by-room review that determines how efficiently you are using energy. Professional auditors go about this in a scientific manner, using diagnostics and thermographic scans. The latter makes infrared energy visible, effectively revealing which areas are over- or under-insulated. Energy audits help resolve the question of where you are losing energy the most.

How They Work

Energy audits can be performed by professionals through the use of a blower door test to determine sources of drafts, heat loss, and air infiltration. Auditors may sometimes do blower door tests together with thermography scans to ensure accurate readings.

When to Perform Them

If you are trying to cope with energy consumption spikes year in and year out, it may be high time to hire a professional to do an energy audit for you. This way, you can maximize your home’s HVAC system and minimize unnecessary consumption.

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