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How Does The Office Temperature Effect Your Productivity?

You may be surprised to learn that the efficiency and performance of a commercial HVAC system can have a lot to do with a company’s overall productivity. Numerous studies have yield varying results when trying to determine the ideal office temperature to optimize productivity. The of studies majority find that between 70 and 73 degrees (Fahrenheit) is the best temperature to boost employee productivity.

Dialing in your office thermostat to an optimal temperature is actually more difficult than it sounds. Each individual working in the office has an opinion about what optimal temperature is. Body mass index describes how much body fat a person has. An individual with a low BMI usually gets cold easier while a person with a high BMI is more sensitive to heat. Age is also a factor because older people are more affected by cold. Most people are naturally more comfortable at warmer temperatures during the summer and colder temperatures during the winter because they are predisposed to expecting certain kinds of weather at certain times of the year.

Clothing affects how people are affected by ambient temperature. During the spring and summer, people tend to wear clothing made with thin fabrics that breathe. During the winter, wardrobes consist of heavy sweaters and coats made of materials designed to insulate the body.

You also need to think about controlling humidity in the work environment. It does you no good to set the temperature at a comfortable level if the humidity level is much higher or lower than 40 percent. Condensing air conditioners typically remove moisture from the air. During the winter, running the HVAC system can reduce the humidity level below a comfortable point. When this happens, your nasal passages, throat and skin dry out and it feels colder than it actually is.

Creating a comfortable work environment for your employees will pay off with increased productivity and a positive effect on the bottom line. Providing your commercial HVAC system with regular maintenance and service will ensure that it works at peak performance year round.

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