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What It Means To Be A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

From air conditioning repair to heat pump installation, Carrier factory authorized dealers are known to excel in the works they do. By hiring these dealers, you are not only assured of dependability but also superior services.


Who are Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers?

By definition, a Carrier Factory Authorized dealer is a recognized dealer who is certified by the Carrier Corporation to have performed HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance that meets meticulous national standards. A very small percentage of companies have earned such distinctions, so hiring such a company is an assurance that you will receive state-of-the-art customer service, sound business practices, and high-end expertise on technical aspects of your HVAC installation and repair services.


Why Should You Choose A Carrier Authorized Dealers?

There are myriad reasons why you need to hire Carrier Authorized for your next HVAC project. Here is an overview of few characteristics that make these professionals stand out:

  • Efficiency: Every company must demonstrate undisputed ability to match customers with the right HVAC solutions to be certified as Carrier Authorized Dealer. Carrier Authorized dealers’ technicians undergo scrupulous training to be acquainted with the vital features of HVAC equipment and must show that they are able to apply this knowledge to ensure fast, accurate, and reliable results for their customers.
  • Professionalism: Carrier Corporation ensures that authorized dealers are not only insured but also have right licenses. Additionally, the dealers must demonstrate the ability to honor all warranties that they promise their customers and they should be ready to assist the customers take full advantage of the warranties. Accordingly, you are assured of integrity, honesty, and upfront treatment when you hire an authorized dealer.
  • Expertise: All technicians for carrier authorized dealers are required to undergo regular factory training and must strictly adhere to the set national standards. So whether you want to install or repair your HVAC equipment or you are just in the market for a new one, Carrier Authorized Dealers will help you get the job done fast and seamlessly.


Bottom Line

Working with a Carrier Authorized Dealer provides you with an opportunity to get superior quality and excellent HVAC repair and installation services. They not only offer complete lineup of heating and cooling services but are also certified by EPA for apposite refrigerant handling.

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