Important Features of a Solid HVAC Warranty

As you prepare for the summer heat, you’ll be relying more on your HVAC system to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you’re considering a full replacement, it helps to research different makes and models to learn about the best deals and offers. You should also consider the contractor who’ll install your new system, as well as the warranties that come with it. You’ll find many different types of warranties as you research different products.

So, what should be included in an air conditioning warranty? Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning explains what you need to look for.

Labor Coverage

HVAC warranties typically offer coverage for parts when they need replacement. This won’t cover the labor fees for the repair, which means you’ll end up having to shoulder the cost yourself. If your warranty doesn’t cover labor, ask if this can be included before purchase. You can also arrange for a second warranty that provides coverage for labor fees during maintenance checks and repairs.

Warranty Terms & Features

When it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty, keep in mind that the duration usually guarantees the quality and performance of each component of the unit. While most systems are in serviceable condition for up to 20 years, the coverage that comes with them should last at least 10 years for standard replaceable parts. As for the coils, they should have 12 to 20 years of coverage. Some heating and cooling manufacturers also offer lifetime warranties for more costly components, but these are more commonly offered on the most expensive systems.

Maintenance Requirements

If you want to ensure your system remains in peak condition throughout its lifespan, you can always have it maintained by a professional technician. Regular maintenance is a requirement to keep almost every kind of warranty active. Keeping records of your maintenance history will serve as proof in case your HVAC system breaks down or is damaged while under warranty.

If you need help with your preparations, call in an HVAC service technician to take a closer look at your unit. Call Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning today at (415) 522-0966 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation! We serve homeowners in San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

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