How to Deal With a Heat Pump Stuck in Cooling Mode

Fall is just around the corner, so you’ll soon be switching to your heater. This means switching from cooling mode to heating mode if you’re using a heat pump. It’s important to make sure your pump is working properly so that any problems can be dealt with before fall arrives. A common problem with heat pumps is getting stuck in cooling mode despite changing the setting. To learn the the best way to deal with this, our HVAC repair team at Schmitt shares their insight here:

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Why Is It Stuck in Cooling Mode?

When your heat pump is in cooling mode, it absorbs the heat from inside your house and expels it outdoors. This is when the refrigerant circulates throughout the components of your system to absorb and expel heat while producing cooled air and pumping it into your house. Ideally, in the fall, the whole process is reversed so that heat is pumped into your home instead. This is done through a component called the reversing valve, which directs the refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction.

If your heat pump seems stuck in cooling mode, you first need to check your thermostat to see if that’s what it’s set on. This can happen if someone else in your house switched it to a different setting without you knowing. But if your heat pump is still blowing out cold air even after you switch it over to heat, then this may be due to some components having issues. At this point, you need to call in a heating repair technician to check out your unit.

Issues to Look Out For

  • Refrigerant leaks – If the air coming through your heating system isn’t as hot as it should be, then the pump might not be stuck in cooling mode; rather, your unit may have a refrigerant leak. It should’ve had enough refrigerant supplied to last its expected lifespan upon installation, so it doesn’t usually run out. It just cycles through the unit continuously. If there’s a leak, however, your heat pump won’t work properly no matter what mode it’s in. Make sure to have this issue addressed by a professional as soon as possible!

  • Broken reversing valve – This component can be seen along your refrigeration line and is responsible for switching the direction that the fluid flows through the lines. It also normally prevents the refrigerant from flowing in the opposite direction when switched to heating mode. It’s self-automated, but if it malfunctions, your heat pump will get stuck in cooling mode.

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