The Importance of Changing Humidifier Water Panels

Many of today’s home HVAC systems are equipped with humidifiers to maintain balanced relative indoor humidity. If your HVAC system has one, chances are its water panel may need to be changed. In this blog, the HVAC contractors at Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning explain why you need to do this.

Humidifier Water Panels

Also known as media panels, water panels function much like air filters. This panel is held in place by a bracket and saturated by water that’s slowly fed into it. During HVAC operation, air is blown into it, resulting in moist air. This helps balance humidity during dry seasons, which typically occur during winter. Over time, the media in the water panel becomes clogged from mineral residue. These are the same minerals that form water spots and limescale.

When Should You Change the Water Panels?

Water panels, like air filters in HVAC systems, are replaceable. On average, humidifiers require replacement every year. Factors such as water with high mineral content, or hard water, may clog water panels faster. Residential and commercial HVAC repair contractors like us recommend performing regular inspections if you’re unsure.

Problems Caused by Clogged Water Panels

Water panels become less efficient the more clogged they get, which increases the required output of the HVAC system so that it consumes more electricity than necessary. More importantly, a clogged water panel defeats the purpose of having a humidifier in the first place. While the humidifier might be running, indications of dry air—dry skin and increased static electricity, among other things—will be evident.

Changing the Water Panel

Most of today’s whole-house humidifiers are user-replaceable. Replacement water panels come in standard sizes, and the humidifier user guide should have a list of recommended types and brands. To replace the water panel, turn off the humidifier. Locate the front panel cover and remove it. You should immediately see the enclosure that houses the water panel. Most water panels are designed to be removed without tools; however, don’t force it if it doesn’t seem to come off easily. Instead, consult the user guide if this is the case. Then simply reverse the steps to return the water panel cover.

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