HVAC Warranty

Tips on How to Protect Your HVAC Warranty

Every new HVAC system comes with a warranty that covers repairs or replacement due to defects in the equipment — and sometimes even problems with the installation. However, there are certain conditions that may render your warranty coverage void, and in today’s post, AC repair company Schmitt shares tips on how to protect your HVAC warranty from this.

HVAC Warranty

Register your HVAC system’s warranty. Often, in our excitement to use our new car, computer or HVAC system, we tend to put off warranty registration, only to entirely forget about doing it. Failure to register your warranty can create problems down the road, and may even result in a voided warranty. Fortunately, warranty registration can be done online. Your HVAC contractor may also send reminders and help you complete the registration.

Leave repairs to certified HVAC technicians. There are many reasons why HVAC repairs should always be left to certified professionals. One of these is that most manufacturers consider DIY repairs and use of off-brand replacement parts to be a reason to void the HVAC warranty. They can’t guarantee whether an HVAC system will function properly if it’s repaired by someone other than a certified HVAC technician, or if untested parts were used for repairs.

Stick to a regular maintenance routine. Annual maintenance is a must for every HVAC system. It helps prevent potential problems and ensures reliable long-term performance. One of the exceptions found in HVAC warranties involves the lack of prescribed regular maintenance — as in if you don’t keep up with HVAC maintenance, your warranty may end up getting voided. Lack of documentation may also disqualify warranty claims.

Many HVAC contractors offer maintenance agreements, which allow you to book maintenance appointments ahead of time. This is ideal if your home is cooled by multiple HVAC units or if maintenance is due during peak seasons.

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