Why You Should Raise Humidity Levels in Fall and Winter

You’ll want your home to have just the right level of humidity. During the fall and winter seasons, it’s recommended that you keep indoor humidity levels down. But what exactly is the reason, and how do you go about it? The premier HVAC repair company in the area, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning, answers these here.

Raise Humidity Levels

Keeps You Healthy and Comfortable

The fall and winter temperatures in San Francisco may not drop below freezing, but they’re chilly enough to cause indoor air to lose its moisture. This leads to dry air, and constant exposure to it can lead to many health issues. Dry and itchy skin is the least of them. Poor indoor humidity can also aggravate respiratory issues, causing symptoms of nasal congestion that makes it hard to breathe. These should no longer be a problem if you maintain just the right amount of humidity in your home during fall and winter. The increased moisture allows for greater indoor comfort while ensuring you and your family will become less susceptible to colds and infection.

Protects Your Home From Damage

Low humidity not only leads to poor indoor comfort and respiratory issues but also causes damage to your home interiors. Wood surface materials and furniture tend to warp and bend in dry environments. The low humidity may also cause the wallpaper to separate and the drywall to crack.

What to Do About Low Indoor Humidity

Fortunately, there are a couple of simple and effective ways to raise your home’s humidity levels. The trusted AC repair and indoor air quality company, Schmitt, has the following suggestions:

  • Incorporate hardy, low-maintenance plants into your home interiors. They continuously release moisture into the air via transpiration, lowering the potential for dry air.

  • Leave the bathroom door open a crack when bathing or showering with hot water. This way, moisture is introduced into indoor air, helping increase humidity by a fair amount.

  • Invest in an excellent whole-home humidifier. Schmitt can help you with this. As a Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier® HVAC products, we offer some of the highest quality whole-home humidifiers available today. Just set up a consultation and we’ll help you explore your options and decide on the system that best suits your needs.

Schedule an HVAC Consultation

From professional heating repair to indoor comfort improvement, Schmitt has got you covered. With our top-tier solutions, we’ll make sure your home stays comfortable and healthy this fall and winter. Call us today at (415) 522-0966, or fill out this contact form to request an HVAC quote. We proudly serve San Francisco, CA, and other areas in the Bay Area.

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