How to Check if an HVAC Contractor’s Reviews Are Fake

Online reviews help you decide which company to hire for your HVAC installation or maintenance needs. As you browse through different cooling and heating repair contractors, you might also notice how some have excellent feedback on their products and services. It’s usually a good indicator of their quality and work, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, false reviews only benefit the writer’s business and hurt their competitors.

So, how do you spot a fake review? Here are a few telltale signs:

Not Enough Details

If a review doesn’t have much description of a product or service, it may not be a real customer review. Compared to fabricated reviews, the real ones are more detailed and similar to the product or service you’re looking for. Look for reviews where customers explain their issues in detail and see how they were satisfied and how the contractor addressed them. Sometimes they even name the technician who did the job.

Too Much Technical and Marketing Jargon

Some reviews and feedback are hardly related to the product or service. For instance, they might mention too many technical terms and emotional language that you wouldn’t expect from a regular customer. Proper customer feedback on an HVAC repair company should focus mostly on how the hired technician handled any issues. They’ll also give more insight into whether or not their service is worth investing in.

Less Description and More Praising

If you have a specific HVAC company you’re keen on hiring, look to see how they respond to negative feedback. Not all negative reviews are real, as some are more of a promotional advertisement to other competitors. They’ll simply focus on recommending other competitors in the area. If you see mostly praise about the competitors, it usually means they were written by them.

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