Why a Permit Is Necessary in Your HVAC Replacement

Acquiring the applicable building permits is an integral part of the home improvement process. But did you know that a heating or air conditioning replacement will need them, too? The trusted HVAC service and installation company in the area, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning, shares some reasons.

HVAC Replacement

Guaranteed Safety

It’s always about safety. When you have permits in place for your HVAC replacement, you’re sure that the work being performed will not only be done correctly but will be up to code as well. Of course, just because your HVAC upgrade has a permit doesn’t mean the contractor will perform the work according to the product manufacturer’s quality standards.

To ensure exceptional results for your project, make sure to work with a licensed, experienced, and certified heating and air conditioning installer like Schmitt. We have served the Bay Area communities since 1901, providing them with only the highest quality solutions to all their HVAC needs. We’ve made it this far not by taking shortcuts in building codes and manufacturer specifications but by delivering superior workmanship backed by over a century of industry experience.

Improved Energy Conservation

There are environmental factors to consider when installing a new heating or air conditioning system for your home. A permit ensures that federally mandated building requirements relating to energy conservation and accessibility will be adhered to. You probably already know that HVAC systems account for much of your home’s annual energy consumption. The fact is that your new heating or cooling system should meet the government’s stringent energy efficiency requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at hefty fines and other issues later on.

One way to determine if your new HVAC system meets energy performance ratings is to check its SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. Another way is to consult Schmitt, who offers ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC systems from the trusted industry name, Carrier®. Our top-tier options not only provide impressive energy-saving performance but can also make you eligible for federal heating and cooling product tax credits.

Request an HVAC Estimate

When it comes to exceptional heating and air conditioning services, Schmitt remains the top choice. Expect a smooth and worry-free experience when you choose us to handle your HVAC replacement. Give us a call today at (415) 522-0966, or fill out this contact form to schedule an HVAC consultation. We proudly serve San Francisco, CA, and surrounding communities in the Bay Area.

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