3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Heating Repairs

Even the best HVAC systems suffer wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean you should wait out before the problem starts impacting your home’s indoor comfort. Local HVAC service contractor Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning discusses the four signs you’re due to schedule heating repairs.

1. Increased Energy Consumption

If your home’s energy consumption has been on an uptick over the past few months, your HVAC system may be part of the problem. Wear and tear can reduce the efficiency and performance of your furnace or heat pump. Even when your home has sufficient insulation, your unit may be consuming too much energy just for your home to feel comfortable over the cold winter months. To find out if this is indeed the case, call your HVAC contractor as soon as possible to schedule an inspection and, possibly, repairs.

2. Indoor Temperature Discrepancies

Most of the time, the reason your home has cold spots during the heating season is because of the wrong thermostat settings. It’s possible, however, that the issue is with the system itself. It might be time to call your heating repair company if your home’s indoor temperatures remain inconsistent even after fixing the wiring or changing the batteries in your thermostat.

3. Weird Noises

Your furnace or heat pump isn’t exactly a quiet system — it produces a steady, low-humming sound  during operation. Any sound coming from the system that’s out of the ordinary, be it squealing, rattling, whistling or banging, must be dealt with immediately. Turn off your heating system once you hear these weird noises and call your HVAC technician.

While repairs are helpful in addressing heating issues, there may be instances when a replacement is the best course of action. The issue might be too severe to be fixed via simple repairs, or the system itself is old and is nearing the end of its life span. In any case, turn to Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning. Our Diamond-certified HVAC technicians and vast experience have let the San Francisco homeowners rely on us for heating installation, repair and maintenance for over 100 years. Call (415) 522-0966, or fill out our contact form to request a service appointment.

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