Challenges to Indoor Air Quality During the Fall Season

Maintaining indoor air quality during the fall season can be difficult for some people because of the increased amount of particles in the air, some of which can trigger allergies. In today’s post, local HVAC repair contractor Schmitt shares insight into the challenges of maintaining indoor air quality during the fall season and how to overcome them.


Indoor Air Quality During


Challenges to Indoor Air Quality in the Fall 


Thanks to the milder weather during the fall season, homeowners tend to crack their windows open to let in cooler air. The problem is, this also lets pollutants into the house — including allergens that can trigger allergies. While air filters are put into place to trap these particles, some of them can recirculate in indoor living areas and increase the risk of allergies being triggered when you least expect it.


In addition to allergens, there are other challenges that can make it difficult to maintain indoor air quality in the fall.


Cleaners — If you clean your home for the holiday months, indoor air pollutants such as dust and chemicals from household cleaning products may end up mixed with your indoor air.


Air fresheners — Using air fresheners to mask odors may introduce more particles into the air and affect indoor air quality.


Relative indoor humidity — High indoor humidity is hospitable to mold growth. It may also cause other problems such as “sweating” windows.


Answering the Challenges


As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do to counter these challenges to indoor air quality.


Keep up with HVAC maintenance — Keeping up with scheduled HVAC maintenance, along with regular inspections and timely heating repair, can help ensure peak efficiency and lower the risks of introducing indoor air pollutants into your living space.


Regular air duct cleaning — The air duct system in an average home requires cleaning every three to five years, as dust and other particles can get stuck inside and recirculate in your home.


Replace the air filters — A typical whole-home HVAC system needs air filters every three months. Clogged air filters can block airflow and allow trapped particles to recirculate indoors.


Install a humidifier or dehumidifier — Humidity control systems, whether standalone or integrated with your HVAC system, can help maintain ideal relative indoor humidity levels and prevent mold growth.


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