Troubleshooting Common Commercial Heat Pump Issues

Keeping your commercial property thermally comfortable and energy efficient needs to be a year-round priority. That’s why you should always keep tabs on your heat pump. If you’ve noticed issues with its performance, you can try to troubleshoot them before placing a call to your trusted HVAC repair company. Here are a few examples:


Commercial Heat Pump Issues


The heat pump is layered with ice. This is a typical issue in areas that see a lot of snow. During the winter, ice can accumulate on top of the heat pump and cause the coils to freeze. When this happens, heat is prevented from transferring between the refrigerant and the air outside, which will hamper its performance. Your heat pump should be able to defrost on its own, and if it doesn’t, this means there’s a problem. If this issue comes up, try doing the following:


  • Check to make sure the relays, sensors, controls and reverse valves are all working properly.

  • Clear away snow buildup on your heat pump.

  • Inspect the outdoor fans to see if they’re still running. If they’re not, there may be an issue with the motor.

  • Determine whether the refrigerant has leaked. If you suspect that it has, call a heat pump and AC repair company like Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning for the necessary solution.


The heat pump runs constantly. There may be instances where your commercial heat pump seems to run non-stop during the summer. A common reason for this is that it’s set to a very low temperature during the hottest part of the day. To deal with this, you just need to make sure the unit is running on the optimal setting. Another possible reason is debris creating blockages around your heat pump. Clearing them away should take care of the problem. In cases where a refrigerant leak or compressor problem is the most likely reason for the issue, again, we suggest calling a reliable HVAC company for the appropriate solution.


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