Why You Should Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Program

With the hot and humid summer weather, you rely more on your HVAC system to keep your home cool and comfortable. But what happens when it suddenly breaks down? Even if it seems to run smoothly, it may not be cooling parts of your home as efficiently as it should. To address these issues, you’ll need to hire a trusted technician. Even then, it may take some time since it can be peak season for many cooling and heating repair companies.

Avoid this when you sign up for a professional HVAC maintenance service program. After all, routine maintenance is important to ensure your system runs smoothly throughout the seasons. Keeping your system in good condition also provides additional benefits, including:

Fewer Breakdowns

Neglecting your HVAC unit results in dust, dirt, and other debris, which contributes to component failure. But when you sign up for a maintenance program, the technician will ensure that your unit stays clean and at peak efficiency! This is because they can identify these issues and make the necessary repairs before they result in a system breakdown when least expected. They’ll also know the full condition of your HVAC unit and determine whether or not repairs are still cost-effective.

More Energy Efficiency

Having fewer breakdowns isn’t the only benefit you’ll get with an HVAC maintenance program. Since a professional HVAC repair technician conducts routine tune-ups once or twice a year, you can be sure that your stem runs smoothly and efficiently. This means fewer energy expenditures over time and you get bigger savings on your monthly utility costs.

Intact Warranty

Required by most HVAC manufacturers, your unit must undergo professional maintenance at least once a year. Otherwise, you won’t get coverage if your unit has a faulty component and you’re forced to shoulder the replacement costs. Your warranty ensures you get coverage for a replacement component if a part of your unit has an issue. And with a professional HVAC service program, you won’t have to worry about your warranty getting void!

In addition to providing high-quality AC repair and replacement services, Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning also offers comprehensive maintenance plans. These plans will cover all your needs and allow you to spot HVAC issues before they become costly repairs or system failures. Call us at (415) 522-0966, or fill out our contact form online to schedule a consultation. We serve homeowners in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

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