How Is Your HVAC Affected by Your Furniture?

When determining the usual factors affecting your HVAC’s performance, your home’s furniture may not be the first thing you think about. The placement around your home, however, can make or break your home’s comfort and indoor air quality. Top air conditioning and indoor air quality expert Schmitt explains what you need to know:

HVAC System Performance

Furniture Placement vs. HVAC Performance

Furniture has a dramatic effect on how your HVAC unit does its intended function. Usually, more furniture and bigger individual pieces help decrease the load, which means it’s easier for the system to heat your home during the season. However, their size, placement, and quantity can influence the system’s peak heating load. Your interior layout must be planned with this in mind, as it can still play a factor in how efficiently the HVAC system regulates indoor temperatures.

How your furniture affects HVAC performance can positively and negatively impact your home’s comfort. For instance, a room filled with furniture can trap heat and increase indoor temperatures naturally. This means your HVAC system consumes less energy while the area stays warmer for longer. However, they can also attract a lot of dust, grime, and other allergens, especially if the space isn’t cleaned regularly. This is why most HVAC service technicians recommend dusting and cleaning your living spaces regularly to keep the indoor air quality clean and safe to breathe.

Why Proper Placement Is Crucial

Furniture placement can either impede or improve your HVAC system’s performance. It can also enhance or detract from overall indoor comfort. More furniture helps retain indoor heat better, especially with larger pieces. However, they shouldn’t be situated within 18 inches of a supply air vent, as they can decrease airflow and temperature consistency. They also shouldn’t be placed in the direct path of the airflow.

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