Ensure Proper AC Installation With This Checklist

Summer is right around the corner and air conditioners are bound to be worked non-stop against the incoming heat. Air conditioning installation calls are expected to be at an all-time high this season. If you’re one of the many who are upgrading or just having a brand new system installed, you may want to know whether your installation technician was thorough or not.

Here is a quick list of things to check if your installation was done properly.

  • Check the outdoor unit or the condenser. If you have a level, check if it was installed squarely and not at an angle. Make sure that the unit itself rests above a specialized padding, often made of plastic or concrete, that helps with stabilization issues.

  • To ensure adequate air circulation between the outdoor unit and the indoors, the condenser must be placed at least one foot from your home’s wall.

  • Newer models often include a refrigerant filter right out of the manufacturer. Regardless, it’s still important to check your air conditioning installation for a refrigerant filter. You can find it next to the evaporator or the indoor unit and it often looks like a large metal cylinder. You can ask your technician if you’re unsure about your filter.

  • Perform a quick visual check after the air conditioning installation. Look for debris and scraps left by the contractor to make sure nothing important comes unnoticed. Check the insulation foam for tears or any other visual cues that might suggest a substandard installation.

  • Test the system by running it through one cooling cycle. Test the temperature difference from the start of the evaporator coil right to its end. Modern models will often have a 12 to 15 degree temperature difference to ensure peak performance.

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